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We're glad you somehow happened upon our website! If you're looking for a place to get some amazing coffee that's connected to an amazing charity, you found the right place.  We're located on the outskirts of downtown, in the Quarters neighborhood.  We serve direct trade coffee, make our own syrups, and donate to charity: water.  Stop by and try some of the best coffee in Omaha.



charity: water

Well Grounded donates a portion of its profits to charity: water, a great organization based in New York City.  They take 100% of our donations and turn it into clean water wells and other clean water related projects. 

Direct Trade Coffee

We believe coffee can change peoples lives.  We only use direct trade coffee, which means there is transparency across the supply chain.  We serve Intelligentsia, roasted in Chicago, and Bishopwoods and Reboot roasted in Omaha.



House Made Syrups

We strive to give you the highest quality drink possible.  We make our own syrups from organic and local ingredients when possible.  Our milk comes from Burbach Farms, located in Nebraska, we use their heavy cream to make our caramel.  It's our only non-vegan syrup. 


We carry Cardamom's bakery throughout the week: including scones, croissants, muffins, brownies, vegan gluten free peanut butter bars, lemon bars and more.  Hello Sugar serves artisan doughnuts and is planning on opening a food truck this spring.  We carry their doughnuts Wednesday - Saturdays!


For the love of clean water

Well Grounded donates a portion of its profits to charity: water.  We say portion because it changes depending on the month and we give as much as we can. Wondering why we do it? Follow us on our blog! You can also donate yourself by clicking the link below. 


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